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Just Because I Like Them…

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Signs of the Times

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I’ll Take “Things You Can Never Say to Someone Baptized as An Infant” For $400, Alex

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When The Devil is Bothering You While You Are Trying to Write…

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Jerry Falwell Jr Belongs on an Education Task Force As Much As I Belong on a Calvin Klein Ad

And yet, the feckless White House has appointed the most uneducated College President presently working in this country to its Education task force. Foolishness.  A case, truly, of the blind leading the blind.

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The Old Testament in Sahidic Coptic Online

Here.  With thanks to Joel Watts for mentioning it on the book of face.

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Watch Crossley’s Inaugural Lecture Live, Now


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Quote of the Day

Nothing occurs merely by the wheels of blind fortune, because the will of God reigns over all that happens. — John Calvin

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The Oxford Encyclopedia of Martin Luther

This encyclopedia is a collaboration of the leading scholars in the field of Reformation research and the thought, life, and legacy of influence – for good and for ill – of Martin Luther. In 2017 the world marks 500 years … Continue reading

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Yeah, BTDT Got the Tee Shirt

Jonathan Healey writes- “That feeling when you’re lecturing, only one person’s come along, and even he’s not really listening.”

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Luther For Today

Then Ignatius [Perknowsky] inquired, “Dear Doctor, is fornication also a sin if I don’t take another man’s wife but an unattached wench, as long as I am myself free too?” The doctor [Martin Luther] replied by citing Paul, “Neither the … Continue reading

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