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Go Listen to James Crossley

Or, watch the facebook page for a live stream- 1-3 PM Eastern time.

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Signs of the Times

That one time when the President sent a letter to 8th graders when he couldn’t spell ‘success’…

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Quote of the Day

The children of God ought to be joined together by the bond of fraternal unity ~ Calvin

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Das Geheimnis der dunklen Truhe

Was gibt es Langweiligeres für zwei Geschwister im Teenageralter, als in den Ferien zu ihrem Urgroßvater geschickt zu werden? Nichts los, keine Freunde ringsum, irgendwo in einem alten Pfarrhaus nahe Magdeburg – das klingt auch für Daniel und Kirsten nach … Continue reading

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Calvin: On Those Who Endure Persecution

If, while conscious of our innocence, we are deprived of our substance by the wickedness of man, we are, no doubt, humanly speaking, reduced to poverty; but in truth our riches in heaven are increased: if driven from our homes … Continue reading

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