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Quote of the Day

I see no more deadly poison can be given to a growing Christian than contentiousness. For are not love and contentiousness diametrically opposed? And what is the Christian life altogether but love? Therefore, when you sow the seeds of contentiousness, … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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Luther’s Fun Advice When Philip of Hesse Married His Second Wife and Became a Bigamist

Luther remarked “Just be calm! It will blow over. Perhaps she will soon die.” She was 19…

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The Facsimile Edition of Luther’s 1522 Septembertestament

Is beautiful. And a very cool addition to my Luther Bible collection.

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Luther’s Very Bad Advice for those Suffering Depression

Luther remarked “Having been taught by experience I can say how you ought to restore your spirit when you suffer from spiritual depression. When you are assailed by gloom, despair, or a troubled conscience you should eat, drink, and talk … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History: Reprobate Depraved Priests Were a Major Cause For the Acceptance of the Reformation By the People

For instance, in Geneva a series of Council edicts condemned the behavior of the priests: Dissolute lives of the Cordeliers de Rive, September 2d 1483, June 13th, July 11th, November 28th 1486; June 24th 1491; June 20th 1503 (they refuse … Continue reading

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