Why I Criticize the Governing Authorities

I get email.  Sometimes it’s not very nice email.  I get tweets, and like email, sometimes they aren’t very nice.  Senders often use pretty rank profanity to tell me that as a Christian Pastor I shouldn’t be criticizing Trump or Congress.  I suppose it’s ok for the senders to use profanity to make their Christian point, but that discussion belongs to another time.

For now allow me simply to point out that when the government or our governing authorities cross the line into deception or other evils it is the responsibility of Christian clerics to call them on it publicly.  Public sins require public response.

So, for example, when Trump lies, as he regularly does, it is the responsibility of Clerics to say so.  Why?  Because silence is agreement.  And there’s nothing worse for Christians than agreeing with sin by silence.  If the Church in Nazi Germany taught us anything it taught us that.

Furthermore, there is biblical precedent for ‘calling people out’.  42 times the Old Testament uses the phrase ‘… did evil in the sight of the Lord’.  If it’s good enough for the Deuteronomist, the Chronicler, and Jeremiah to call out wrongdoers and wrongdoing, it’s good enough for me.

Finally let’s suppose that I remain silent when Trump lies or Congress steals health benefits from poor folk or the police beat a black dude senseless or some racist blows up a building or shoots up a school; I don’t have to answer to angry emailers or tweeters for my silence, I have to answer to God.  And, friends, I have news for you, God’s is the only opinion I care anything about.

My pity is reserved for the cowardly theologians who will not speak out.  That lot, they’re completely useless both to God and society.  They are like male nipples: completely cosmetic but of no real worth, value, or use.

2 thoughts on “Why I Criticize the Governing Authorities

  1. Matthew Hamilton


    calling out the wrongdoings of Trump and Republicans is not only OK but is something as a pastor you should keep doing. However, where has been the corresponding calling out of the wrongdoings of Clinton (both the male and female versions are as evil as each other), Obama, and the Democrats?


    1. Jim Post author

      yup. were you not reading when i did the same concerning obama? and hillary has never been elected to the presidency. and when bill was president, yup i sure did.


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