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Martin Bucer (1491–1551): Collected studies on his life, work, doctrine, and influence

This forthcoming volume will doubtless be of interest to all. This present volume aims to stimulate Bucer-research as it brings together a selection of the best of De Kroon’s and Van ’t Spijker’s articles some of which appear for the … Continue reading

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Something Cool from Zurich

If you’re in German Speaking Europe you can order these:  “Huldrychs Reformhaus”: 20 Bildkarten, die Zwingli-Zitate zeitgenössisch interpretieren (Illustrator: Daniel Lienhard). “Ich sage, dass nichts dümmer ist als der Versuch, sich durch aufwendige Kleider Ansehen zu verschaffen, da ja auf diese … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

In the early Church, catechesis led to baptism: it was the prerequisite for the sacrament of initiation into the body of believers. Belief was an adult phenomenon, a conscious choice, made after a process of education. Over time, as Christianity … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings Shallow ‘Conversions’

According to sources close to the local man, 32-year-old Peter Neilsen finally came to accept Jesus Christ as his personal butler at a midweek church service. Neilsen wrestled for years with God’s call to salvation, and finally received the Lord … Continue reading

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The Greatest Shame Of All…

It’s a real shame that Jesus’ followers aren’t as devoted to him as Trump’s followers are to Trump.  A real shame.   And the fact that Trump’s Christian followers are more devoted to Trump than they are to Jesus is … Continue reading

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Why I Criticize the Governing Authorities

I get email.  Sometimes it’s not very nice email.  I get tweets, and like email, sometimes they aren’t very nice.  Senders often use pretty rank profanity to tell me that as a Christian Pastor I shouldn’t be criticizing Trump or … Continue reading

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Coming Up this Weekend…

A tweetstorm from Trump: Taking into account a fast-approaching offshore low-pressure system as well as the ongoing James Comey hearing, expert meterologists predict cloudy skies and a high probability of a “brutal” tweetstorm from President Trump over the weekend. The … Continue reading

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If you aren’t Satan’s enemy, you are his ally.

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The Brill Story

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“When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes.”—Erasmus Thanks to the development of the printing press, books were coming down in price during Erasmus’s years (c. 1466–1536), but he … Continue reading

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June 8, 1529- The First Kappel War

That’s the day that the Five Forest Cantons (Catholic all) declared war on Zurich and the Zwinglians.  A few days before, Zwingli had written “Be firm and do not fear war. For that peace which some are so urgently pressing … Continue reading

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The Vatican Didn’t Just Put Luther and Zwingli on their List of Banned Books. The Bible Was Banned Too…

Der Index des Papstes war die berühmteste Zensurliste der Welt. Auf ihm standen Bücher über Sex, Häresien und sogar die Bibel. Vor 50 Jahren verkündete der Vatikan das Ende der Liste. Eine Erinnerung. And Die besten Chancen, auf dem Index … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

A bit of humor for what looks to be a stressful day both here and across the pond.

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