Zwingli Reviews Luther’s Book on the Lord’s Supper

zwingli109“In his book he [Luther] slays, uncautious man that he is, divine and human wisdom which it would have been easy to revive among the devout. Since the heretics, that is his followers, are with the impious themselves so deaf to all truth that they not only refuse the ear but even close the approaches.

I was for some time in doubt, considering on the one side the vast labour that was also vain so far as they were concerned who especially ought to receive benefit from it, and on the other that charity that ‘endureth all things’ and the conscience of those who while they are frank are still seducible by the trivial word of these men who under an appearance of snowy whiteness contrive deeds blacker than an Ethiopian.

… Luther has recalled us to the positions of [Duns] Scotus and Thomas [Aquinas], not indeed that we trust in them or see that he has used with skill those poor weapons, but that we may deprive him of every kind of offensive equipment.

… So shall we persevere unmoved in our position; whatever machinations of this sort [Luther] may conjure up, we shall await undauntedly and repel and render harmless.”

That’s a book review.