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Students as ‘Consumers’ is Destroying Higher Ed

Here’s another in a long line of examples of coddled students believing the notion that they are consumers and not learners.  But when you sow students as consumers instead of learners and turn schools into businesses and education into a … Continue reading

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I’ve Decided to Jump on the Bandwagon and Get a Fidget Spinner For Myself

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How Millennials Do ‘Sermon Prep’

Like a tweet. Search for a biblical text to pretend to expound while only really talking about the tweet.‬ Throw in a citation from your interlinear bible and Strong’s concordance to pretend linguistic skill (thanks Chuck). Tweet your ‘sermon’. Use … Continue reading

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Women, Music and the Reformation

In Luther’s times, music expressed the religious experience of enclosed nuns and Anabaptist martyrs, of Calvinist pious wives and Lutheran schoolgirls, of powerful female rulers and tired peasant mothers. Though few of their songs have reached our ears, they make … Continue reading

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Dear British Voters…

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If You’re In The United Kingdom…

Mark your diary!

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How To Start Your Own Pentebabbleist Cult

In six easy steps.

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Trump Attempted to Get Comey To Drop The Flynn Investigation

And that’s obstruction. Trump tried to obstruct an investigation.  He should be impeached.  End of story. The President then returned to the topic of Mike Flynn, saying, “He is a good guy and has been through a lot.” He repeated … Continue reading

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What The Devil is a ‘Non-Binary Trans’?

And what are Methodists doing ordaining one? A regional body of the United Methodist Church has ordained a transgender individual who does not identify as male or female to the position of provisional deacon. What?  I can’t even can’t even … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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A Very Serious Plea For Very Serious Funding of a Very Important Project

I’ve received word that without further funding, the critical edition of Heinrich Bullinger’s Letters will end with the publication of Volume 19 (volume 18 has just appeared). Funding sources have become hard to come by and the project is suffering … Continue reading

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Parenting Advice From Luther

“One should not whip children too hard. My father once whipped me so severely that I fled from him and it was difficult for him to win me back again to himself. I would not willingly strike little Hans much, … Continue reading

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News From CBA

Full members [of the Catholic Biblical Association] are encouraged to invite graduate students to apply for membership. Associate members who have completed their doctorates may also wish to apply for Full membership. Click here for membership categories and to download the … Continue reading

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Call For Papers: Refo500 Warsaw, 2018

The Eighth Annual RefoRC Conference is hosted by the University of Warsaw and will take place May 24-26, 2018. All the info is posted here.

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Zwingli Reviews Luther’s Book on the Lord’s Supper

“In his book he [Luther] slays, uncautious man that he is, divine and human wisdom which it would have been easy to revive among the devout. Since the heretics, that is his followers, are with the impious themselves so deaf … Continue reading

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A Reformation Exhibition

All the details are here.

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