Farel’s Reaction to Calvin’s Death

farelSchaff relates

Farel, then in his eightieth year, came all the way from Neuchâtel to bid Calvin farewell, although Calvin had written to him not to put himself to that trouble. He desired to die in his place.

Ten days after Calvin’s death, he wrote to Fabri (June 6, 1564):

“Oh, why was not I taken away in his place, while he might have been spared for many years of health to the service of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ! Thanks be to Him who gave me the exceeding grace to meet this man and to hold him against his will in Geneva, where he has labored and accomplished more than tongue can tell. In the name of God, I then pressed him and pressed him again to take upon himself a burden which appeared to him harder than death, so that he at times asked me for God’s sake to have pity on him and to allow him to serve God in a manner which suited his nature. But when he recognized the will of God, he sacrificed his own will and accomplished more than was expected from him, and surpassed not only others, but even himself. Oh, what a glorious course has he happily finished!”