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Subtle Citation, Allusion, and Translation in the Hebrew Bible

Biblicists have long been aware that some compositions in the Bible cite and allude to other compositions. At times these practices are obvious; often, however, they are not. Essays in this volume focus on subtle, not-so-obvious, unrecognized cases of citation … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings The SBC’s Adoration of the Amendment

The Second Amendment, that is. After a long, drawn-out internal battle, the Southern Baptist Convention narrowly voted to affirm the inerrancy of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution at a special meeting called to settle the matter once … Continue reading

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Storm: Letter of Fire – My Review

The good folk who produced it have allowed me to review their very new film. The technical details first: Screenplay: Karen Holst Pellekaan Director: Dennis Bots Producers: Harro van Staverden Petra Goedings, Phanta Basta! Co initiator: REFO500 Karla Apperloo, Herman … Continue reading

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More from Tyndale About Their Greek New Testament

“Knowledge of documents should precede final judgement upon readings.” Useful though this adage by Westcott and Hort is, it is also a little bit of an open door: lots of things should precede ‘final judgement’ (and when is anything ‘final’ … Continue reading

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We All Need an Audi

Even being buried in gravel can’t harm Audi passengers…  This from China, where the driver was perfectly fine…

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Fun Facts From Church History: The Caroli Affair

At the conclusion of the whole sordid affair (about which you can read in Schaff’s history), Caroli was deprived of his functions by the synod. The great council of Berne confirmed this sentence; pronounced Farel, Calvin, and Viret innocent of … Continue reading

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Farel’s Reaction to Calvin’s Death

Schaff relates Farel, then in his eightieth year, came all the way from Neuchâtel to bid Calvin farewell, although Calvin had written to him not to put himself to that trouble. He desired to die in his place. Ten days … Continue reading

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