Luther and Calvinism

This new work was unveiled at the Refo500 Conference in Wittenberg some weeks back.

In this volume renowned authors in the disciplines of Reformed theology and scientific Luther-research document the international scientific research on the reception of Martin Luther in Calvinism. Comprehensively they analyse the image of Martin Luther in different calvinistic contexts. As experts they succeed in depicting the main relations between Lutheran and Calvinistic thinking in a precise and transparent manner. They outline Luther’s immense influence on Calvinism and thus, provided a milestone on the way towards an exploration of Luther’s importance within the European intellectual history.

The publisher has been kind enough to send a review copy, and they have made available much of the front matter including the table of contents and 26 pages of the book itself here.  A glance at the contents allows readers and potential readers the chance to decide whether or not it is something they would find valuable.  The present reviewer certainly does.

The collection is well edited and well organized and the essays are impressive and expressive.  Essayists write in either German or English, in about equal measure and are penned by many of the leading Reformation scholars including Ballor, Opitz, Frank, Balserak, and Campi.

The aim of the book is nicely summarized by the editors, who write

Der vorliegende Band versteht sich als ein weiterer Meilenstein auf dem Weg zur Erforschung der Bedeutung Martin Luthers für die Geschichte und Geistesgeschichte Europas und darüber hinaus. Zudem geben die Herausgeber der Hoffnung Ausdruck, dass der mit der zugrunde gelegten Fragestellung beschrittene Weg nunmehr weiterfortgesetzt und in einem internationalen Kontext erweitert werden möge.

I enjoyed reading this collection.  I am continually impressed by the work of Campi, Balserak, Opitz, and Ballor and their essays in this book just add more fuel to that fire.  It’s a privilege to have access to such intellectual skillfulness.  You’ll be impressed too, when you read this volume.