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Russia Tried to Hack Voting Machines; And We Need to Use Paper Ballots

Russia has been trying to dig its way into our elections for years.  Which is why we need to return to paper ballots.  Because electronic voting machines are far too vulnerable to hacking.  And yes, anything can be hacked. Russia’s … Continue reading

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Well Louisiana, You Guys Just Out Texased Texas and Out Floridaded Florida

Your insane Congressman Higgins, who you will no doubt now send to Washington in perpetuity, has uttered insanity the likes of which we’re only used to seeing from the worst politicians in the most unstable States.  Congratulations…  I sure hope … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Completes His Transformation of the White House to the Gray House

Via the Postillon. The Gray House is completely coal powered.  Thanks Donald!

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This Looks Quite Interesting

Christian Dogmatics: An Introduction. This one-volume systematic theology presents an accessible, orthodox overview of the Christian faith for students, teachers, pastors, and serious lay readers. Cornelis van der Kooi and Gijsbert van den Brink not only cover all the traditional … Continue reading

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Luther and Calvinism

This new work was unveiled at the Refo500 Conference in Wittenberg some weeks back. In this volume renowned authors in the disciplines of Reformed theology and scientific Luther-research document the international scientific research on the reception of Martin Luther in Calvinism. … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History: The Reformation of the Church Requires an Educated Clergy

Zwingli was among the first to recognize the fact that without a learned clergy there would be no use in attempts to reform the Church.  Consequently… Zwingli sought to reform the Carolinum as well as the churches, as a necessary … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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Fun Facts From Church History

In 1558 the city of Geneva established a College, and Beza was called, at Calvin’s suggestion, to the Greek professorship. Much to the regret of Viret and his colleagues, he accepted. He was influenced by various considerations, the chief of … Continue reading

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Money as the Instrument of Satanic Corruption

„Geld ist das Wort des Satans, durch das er alles in der Welt schafft, wie Gott sich alles durch das wahre Wort schafft.“ (Martin Luther). „Du darfst kein riesiges Maul sein, das alles gierig in sich hineinfrisst und verschlingt.“ (Johannes … Continue reading

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