Fun Facts From Church History: The Establishment of the Reformation in Geneva

genevaFrom the first establishment of the Reformation in Geneva, the observance of all holidays, with the single exception of the Christian Sabbath, was abolished. This cannot be imputed to any indifference to either prayers or preaching. Besides the ordinary hours of public worship, there was a sermon appointed every Lord’s Day at four o’clock in the morning for servants.

The establishment of the Reformation was accompanied by laws against vice and profaneness. Proclamation was made against whoredom and blasphemy, and innkeepers were prohibited from allowing profane swearing, or playing at cards or dice, and from giving drink to any person during sermon, especially on Sunday, or after nine o’clock at night.

Amy Cortet, the lieutenant of the city, was confined for three days on bread and water, and afterwards deprived of his office, for keeping a concubine.*

There ya go!  Oh for the good old days (except for the 4 in the morning sermon… not a duty I’d enjoy).

*The Early Years of John Calvin (p. 170).