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The West may not be at war with Islam, but it’s pretty clear that a segment of Islam is definitely at war with the West.

When Luther Was Wished Another 40 Years of Life…

In 1539, he replied

“God forbid! Even if God were to offer me paradise in order that I might last forty more years in this life, I wouldn’t want it. I’d rather hire a hangman to knock my head off. That’s how bad the world is now. It’s full of nothing but devils, so that one can’t wish anything better than a blessed end and to get away. Nor do I bother with physicians. I won’t embitter my life, which may last a half year, but in God’s name I’ll eat whatever tastes good to me.”

If the world was bad when Luther was alive I wonder what he’d have to say about our Gorilla fawning, lion loving, bathroom mixing, Caitlyn Jenner admiring, greedy politician, self serving mega church days….

Zwingli’s Most Important Practical Act…

zwingliWas to convince the Zurich council that

… all the clergy should preach the word of God; that the Bible should be read and explained daily in three languages—Hebrew, Greek, and Latin; that greater attention should be paid to education, and that candidates for the ministry should be thoroughly trained.

It’s a shame that very sage and wise guidance is nowadays ignored.  And the Church suffers for it immensely.