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‘America First’? Not For Christians

Christians shouting ‘America first’ don’t value their Christianity much. It’s always and only Jesus first. Period. Anything else is idolatry.

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How Come No One Has Complained About the Cultural Appropriation of the Rainbow?

It is, after all, a quite specific religious symbol and has been for a very, very long time… Tech behemoth Google, known to change the logo on its eponymous search engine in honor of special people and events, announced Friday that … Continue reading

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The Bee Has Finally Gone too Far…

I love group texts.  LOVE them.  Love sending them and love getting them.  You’ve gone too far this time, Bee… mocking the GT. Local man Chris Hatcher is currently serving the fourth year of a life sentence in an ongoing … Continue reading

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Twitter Theology That Makes Me Sigh

Oh please.  Come on.

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Signs of the Times

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Attending Church Helps you Live Longer

And this study proves it: A recent study by Vanderbilt University professor Marino Bruce has found that people who attend religious services live longer and are less stressed. The findings held true across faith traditions, said Bruce, the associate director of Vanderbilt’s Center for Research … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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Dear Donald Trump…

You are being played like a fool by @SpeakerRyan and #putin. Undo @BarackObama and abandon #eu.‬ When they finish with you they will destroy you.

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But She Identifies as a Hippo… So Where’s Her Bathroom?

A University of Arizona visiting scholar published an article in a peer-reviewed journal about how she self-identifies as a hippopotamus. Media reports about the article by Florentin Félix Morin refer to Morin as a “transgender man.” In the article, Morin … Continue reading

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