The Two Gifts Karl Barth Treasured Most

barth92A random fact about Karl Barth with which you may or may not be familiar- but of all the gifts he was ever given he treasured most the Weimar Ausgabe of Luther’s Works (and that was an amazing gift indeed from an exceedingly kind soul) and the complete recordings of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

When visitors dropped by his house he was sure to be more than happy to point out those books and those records.  Barth began each day with breakfast, a pipe, the newspaper, and a piece from Mozart.

It’s my conviction that it was listening to Mozart that Barth found the mental acuity to do his work.  Mozart makes you smarter.  Reading Luther does too.

Barth had his faults but his love of Mozart and Luther covered a multitude of sins.

[And I love the old man almost as much as I love Brunner and Zwingli, fyi].