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Mohr has some new works that may interest you guys (gals, people, undecided, and indeterminate)-

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Frick, Peter Understanding Bonhoeffer

In this volume, Peter Frick attempts to answer the question of how to understand Bonhoeffer. By examining different aspects of his thought in a comprehensive manner, each of the essays, which were written between 2007 and 2014, illuminates nuances of the hermeneutical, philosophical, theological, and social dimensions of Bonhoeffer’s writings.

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Ezekiel Current Debates and Future Directions. Ed. by William A. Tooman and Penelope Barter

The twenty-seven essays collected in this volume were first presented at two symposia on the theme “Ezekiel in International Perspective”. The meetings allowed moments of introspection, providing the freedom and opportunity to reflect on questions of appropriate evidence, suitable methodology, and argumentative plausibility by juxtaposing papers from diverse perspectives. The resulting collection is a portrait of the discipline in the present and a prospectus for future research.

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Szkredka, Slawomir Sinners and Sinfulness in Luke A Study of Direct and Indirect References in the Initial Episodes of Jesus’ Activity

There are many sinners in the Gospel of Luke. Still, as Sławomir Szkredka’s study demonstrates, the sinners are not an easily identifiable category of characters. Szkredka shows that, in the end, what the reader understands about sinners is that he or she must discover and assimilate Jesus’ perception of them.

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Pachoumi, Eleni The Concepts of the Divine in the Greek Magical Papyri

How do philosophical, religious and mystical assimilations affect the concepts of the divine in the Greek magical papyri? Eleni Pachoumi examines in detail the manifold concepts of the divine and, through a careful analysis of the ritual practices and spells, uncovers the underlying parallelisms and influences.