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Mein Covfefe

via the Trump page on FB

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A New Translation Project for Vermigli

This is important. As Protestants this year remember the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, they will understandably focus on the legacy of Martin Luther and other big-name Reformers. However, it is to be hoped that this anniversary will also help … Continue reading

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Half of Trump’s Twitter Followers Are Fake…

But 93% of mine are real.  You should be one of them.  The real ones that is, not the fake ones.

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Doctoral Fellowship in Leuven

For the Research Group Early Modern History (15th-18th Centuries), Leuven we are looking for an enthousiastic doctoral student, who is willing to write and defend a doctoral dissertation regarding burial disputes during the Dutch Revolt within the framework of four … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin, who sources describe as a comedian, apologized Tuesday for publishing a gruesome photo to social media which falsely depicts herself as someone with current political and social relevance. The image of Ms. Griffin holding a bloodied, severed head in … Continue reading

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ISD’s Newest Biblical Studies Catalog

Is available here.  With some notable entries.

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The Second Edition of the ‘Zwingli Graphic Novel’

Der Pfarrer Ulrich Zwingli aus dem Toggenburg prägte die Schweizer Kirchengeschichte dauerhaft. Der Verein «tut» hat eine Ausgabe seines gleichnamigen Kinder- und Jugendmagazins dem Schweizer Reformator gewidmet. Das Heft wird bereits in zweiter Auflage gedruckt. «Ein Glaube versetzt Berge» heisst … Continue reading

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‘By Their Fruits You Will Know Them…’

We do not justify men before God by works, but say, that all who are of God are regenerated and made new creatures, so that they pass from the kingdom of sin into the kingdom of righteousness. In this way … Continue reading

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‘Evangelical’ Doesn’t Mean Christian

Indeed many self described Evangelicals are doctrinally and behaviorly anti-Christian.  Hence ‘Evangelical’ support for immoral and godless Trump.

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The Marcionite Jesus The World Loves So Much…

Isn’t Jesus.  And if the ‘Jesus’ you imagine never expresses anger or wrath, yours is a Marcionite Pseudo-Jesus too, just like the world’s.

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One Last Chance…

To get your Carnival submissions in.  The Carnival posts on 1 June at 00:01.  And it’s glorious. #Covfefe, my friends, #Covfefe…

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Adolf von Harnack Explains Luther’s Disdain for Invented Theological Terminology

Luther has indicated with sufficient distinctness that he merely conceded to his theological opponents theological terminology, and made use of it himself merely on account of traditional familiarity with it, and because the employment of incorrect words was not necessarily … Continue reading

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Beza’s Death Sentence

For having left France because he was a Protestant [Beza] was condemned by the Parliament of Paris to death, and all his property confiscated to the State (May 31, 1550). By special royal mandate his property was restored to him … Continue reading

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Only Because Trump Deleted It…

And the internet never forgets.  

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