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Christentum und Europa: Programm des XVI. Europäischen Kongresses für Theologie

Konrad Schmid has posted this program:

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Quote of the Day

We are all by nature the children of wrath, and conceived in sin, to which damnation adheres – John Calvin

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Bullinger News

Bullinger News Eine Ausstellung zu Heinrich Bullingers Briefwechsel im Kollegiengebäude der Universität Zürich / Exhibition on Heinrich Bullinger’s correspondence at the University of Zurich — 17.05.-24.06.2018 http://www.zh-reformation.ch/event/bullinger-news And Heinrich Bullinger Briefwechsel Bd. 18 (Briefe von Oktober bis Dezember 1546) erschienen … Continue reading

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Kathy Griffin is Wrong

She isn’t making a statement she’s promoting violence.  We cannot condemn violence when our enemies engage in it and then embrace it for our own cause.  And violence is NEVER funny. No, Kathy, you’re wrong.  And your action is vile.

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The GOP in One Tweet

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Apparently Metaxas is Writing a Book on Luther

Save your money.  Metaxas isn’t a Luther scholar (or any kind of scholar) so his book will be at least as useless as his vile misrepresentation of Bonhoeffer. Spare yourself the copious regurgitation Metaxas’s ignorant spewings will evoke.

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Hebräische Wortforschung: Festschrift zum 80. Geburtstag von W. Baumgartner

A Classic now re-issued as an e-book. The link above includes the table of contents.   Brill have provided a copy of this newly published e-book, so I’ll have a bit to say about it soon.

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‘Remembering the Reformation’ at the University of Nottingham

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How to Keep Your Child Safe From those Dangerous ‘Fidget Spinners’

Keep them from fidgeting!  Here are some helpful suggestions as to how that can be accomplished:

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Happy Joan of Arc Day

On this day in 1431 the Office of the Holy Inquisition invented french toast when it ushered Joan off this mortal coil.

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