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R-City Guide

The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches launches “R-City Guide,” a free app featuring interactive tours in ten key locations of the Swiss Reformation. The app is now available for free at the App Store and Google Play.

More here.  And yes, you can download it in English.  Just search R-City Guide.

Famous Theologians And Their Thoughts on the Commentary

Following are some of the things that they’re saying about the Commentary* which you can acquire for yourself in electronic form for just $199 by clicking my PayPal Link.  And you should.  Today.

NT Wright:  “Jim who’s commentary?”

Michael Bird: “Every time I read Jim’s work I’m astonished that his books haven’t been made into movies!”

James Crossley:  “Never in my life have I read anything like the stuff Jim produces.  Never…”

Chris Tilling:  “If Doug Campbell were half as witty as Jim and half as gifted he would be in the pastorate too instead of teaching at that backwater outpost of redneck learning he’s stuck at.”

Karl Barth:  “I have Jim’s commentary open on my desk whenever I read the Bible, which is not at all frequently.”

Emil Brunner: “I love Jim’s work as much as he loves mine.”

Martin Luther:  “Jim is the only Re-Baptizer I can stomach.  The rest of them are imbeciles born of satan.”

John Calvin:  “None better.  None.”

Huldrych Zwingli:  “Honestly, I don’t believe in reincarnation, but if I did, I think Jim would be me.  Except he’s right about everything and I was wrong about Mary and wrong about baptism.”

James Aitken:  “Jim who’s what?”

Joel Watts:  “I seldom confess this- but Jim’s work is the best known to me, either personally or by reputation.”

Wolfgang Mozart:  “If Jim’s work were musical compositions I would have to confess that he has done greater than I.”

John the Baptist:  “He must increase, and I must decrease.”

*The following quotes may or may not have actually ever been spoken.

Why So Called Christian Supporters of Trump Have a Lot to Answer For

“Trump was the gateway candidate. When Republicans allowed themselves to accept and support him in spite of his glaring flaws and his life lived in opposition to the values they once professed and insisted upon, they moved themselves into another moral realm in which literally nothing was beyond the pale.”

With much more.

When degenerate unbelievers support degenerates it’s par for the course.  Like support like and degenerate birds of a feather flock together.  But when people who wear the mantle of the sacred name of Christ and still follow a degenerate they invite public correction and excoriation; and they need to be reminded that there is a Judge who will hold them accountable for their degeneracy.

Quote of the Day

The Church’s endless banal attempts to be “relevant” are, arguably, in fact the decisive evidence that we have lost our trust in the faith once delivered to the Saints. We have been seduced by a secular pseudo-Gospel. – James Harding

The Bee Stings the ‘It All Just Happened by Accident’ Evolvers

An enlightened, freethinking NPC on a lightly modded Minecraft server announced Monday that he denies the existence of Notch and the team at Mojang, explaining that he doesn’t see any evidence of design in the clearly designed game world around him.

“My current working theory is that this digital landscape spontaneously created itself around 20 billion years ago, with no input from any kind of magic game designer in the sky,” he told a gathering of villagers in a coffee shop. “The evidence of order and tightly designed game mechanisms are merely random, chaotic patterns. Your lives are all meaningless.”

When other NPCs disagreed, pointing out that the carefully coded game design was powerful evidence that a higher intelligence named Notch created in 2009, the anti-designer activist was ready with an answer.

“If this ‘Notch’ is real, why doesn’t he just reveal himself? The idea of a ‘creator’ is simply wishful thinking for weak-minded people who can’t come to terms with the fact that we are alone on this server,” he added. “If we could just abandon the shackles of that Dark Ages way of thinking, just think how much progress we could make.”

At publishing time, the anti-designer NPC had begun calling anyone who confronted him with the clear evidence of design all around him as a “science denier.”

Sound oddly familiar… hmmm….

Marriage by Capture in the Book of Judges

The newest volume of the Society for Old Testament Study Monograph Series has been published: Marriage by Capture in the Book of Judges: An Anthropological Approach.

Signs of the Times

Via R. Joseph Hoffmann

Barth The Wrong

Of Barth’s doctrine of election – and particularly of Barth’s notion that Jesus is ‘the elect man’ Brunner writes

No special proof is required to show that the Bible contains no such doctrine, nor that no theory of this kind has ever been formulated by any theologian.

Indeed.  Barth’s views are particularly charming to a certain subset of theologians who are less familiar with what Scripture says than the norm.


Textual Decisions in the New ‘Tyndale House Greek New Testament’

A textual apparatus is useful as a quick summary of the evidence at a particular location and also to raise questions as to unexpected manuscript combinations or readings. However, by its very nature, an apparatus presents the evidence in an atomistic way and runs the risk of fostering a view of an artefact as little more than a collection of mutually independent readings. So it is advisable to have a large number of images open on your screen – and nowadays that is not much of a problem. But then we get the small problem of understanding what is actually there. The following two examples posed considerable problems, even though there is no problem with the physical clarity of the writing.

And the rest.  Give it a look.

Memorial Day

I hope your day is pleasant and I hope that one day we will all beat our swords into plows and our spears into pruning hooks and our guns into paperweights and that we learn war no more and consequently none of our kids have to die for the land-grabs of the wealthy.