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A Question For The Parents of Kids on Teams

Why don’t Christian parents with kids on sports teams just say no when the team schedules a game for Sunday morning?  Anyone?

St Jerome’s Open Letter to Donald J. Trump

Paul lies covered with worthless dust, but will rise again to glory; over you are raised costly tombs, but both you and your wealth are doomed to the burning. Have a care, I pray you, at least have a care for the riches you love. Why are even the grave-clothes of your dead made of gold? Why does not your vaunting cease even amid mourning and tears? Cannot the carcasses of rich men decay except in silk? – St Jerome

Worst Analogy Ever

“For Paul, holiness is a venereal disease passed on from one spouse to the other.” – Richard B. Hays on 1 Cor. 7:14

Via Mike Skinner

Quote of the Day

The advantages of a university or academical education will never be despised except by him who never enjoyed them, or who affects to be superior to their necessity. – William Orme

The Perfect PhD Dissertation Outline

Students, take note.



Various Thoughts on Wright’s ‘Paul and the Faithfulness of God’

“Wright’s portrait of Paul …is basically designed by the wishes of dogmatic concerns and constraints. … Luke … would be disappointed” – Becker

“PFG is not a modest book, and its author is not modest either” – Schliesser

Wright’s portrayal of the ‘old perspective’ is problematic and partly misleading. – Schliesser

“Wright lacks a precise understanding of the event of atonement…” – Stuhlmacher

“Wright is more interested in the general correctness of his reconstruction than in philological details”. – Stuhlmacher

All From ‘God and the Faithfulness of Paul’.