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In Which St Jerome Argues for the Single Life

“A wise man therefore must not take a wife. For in the first place his study of philosophy will be hindered, and it is impossible for anyone to attend to his books and his wife. Matrons want many things, costly … Continue reading

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This is the Man Donald Trump Admires

I have a challenge for the people like Jerry Falwell Jr and Eric Metaxas and the other would be Christians who support Trump: how do you feel about his admiration for a man who thinks soldiers raping women is a … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

The doctor took his son on his lap, and the child befouled him. Thereupon he [Martin Luther] said, “How our Lord God has to put up with many a murmur and stink from us, worse than a mother must endure … Continue reading

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Beware Celebrity

The fastest (and only) path to fame for a biblical scholar is atheism or agnosticism.  The same is true for theologians.  Beware the famous ones- there’s heresy under the veneer.

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Dallas Seminary: The Microwave Oven of Theological Education

Why devote your time, energy, resources, and skills to the effort it actually takes to learn how to understand the Bible when you can take a shortcut and pretend to be an expertly trained scholar with just one course….  Pop … Continue reading

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Because People Can Be Very Stupid

… But no one can complain because to do so is ‘intolerance’.  Marriage means whatever you want it to mean so get over it…  At least that’s what we’re supposed to believe. Why not, eh? Why not marry a train … Continue reading

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On the Day of Calvin’s Death

Today is the anniversary of Calvin’s death.  I’ve previously posted on the event of course and you can enjoy 24 Hours of Calvin here. After Zwingli, Calvin was the greatest of the Reformers.  It’s proper to remember him on the … Continue reading

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