Luther: Get The Right Sort of Woman…

Nowadays … people strive for and seek to get almost nothing but riches. But Holy Scripture describes Isaac’s bride in this manner, that she was a beautiful virgin, chaste and modest, endowed with good manners, intelligent, sensible, and obedient to her parents. A woman like this certainly does not need great treasures, but through her God grants an exceedingly great treasure.

On the other hand, a woman who has crude manners, is stupid, lacking in good sense, not alert, and, in addition, is suspect as to her chastity will bring with her all faults, misfortunes, and afflictions, no matter how rich she is.

In short, let him who desires to have a good wife call upon God. He will hear him when he prays and will grant one who, if not endowed with all virtues as Rebecca was, is nevertheless suitable and respectable. — Martin Luther

Your bride will probably not be a Rebecca, but at least she won’t be stupid and senseless.  Amen and amen.