The Bee Stings the Know it All College Kid

I’d love for some college freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior or grad school kid to try this.  I’d LOVE it.

Local college student Bryan Valdes, who just finished his first year in the Biblical Studies program at Pacific Grace University, reportedly submitted a 90-page notebook full of helpful tips, pointers, and critical notes to Pastor Lee after his sermon Sunday.

The pastor’s message, a simple call to faith and repentance rooted in the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector, was well-received by the 150 attendees of Greenfield Ave Baptist Church and resulted in several commitments to Christ.

But Valdes wasn’t taken in.

“While your delivery was just above adequate, your exegesis definitely leaves something to be desired,” wrote the man who had taken exactly two classes on the Bible in his life. “I’m also not sure if you’ve ever heard of this little thing called ‘hermanuetics,’ [sic] but you should probably look it up.”

“I’m also really uncomfortable with your statement that God loves the whole world,” he added. “I’m not saying it’s heresy, but you really need to tread carefully when you start flippantly throwing statements out there like that.”

Valdes also took the pastor to task for his frequent use of memorable illustrations and his failure to use the passage as a springboard to fully articulate his specific soteriological framework during his 30-minute message several pages later.

At publishing time, Valdes was seen furiously typing out a 15,000-word takedown of a sermon by Chuck Swindoll in hopes that his feedback would provide lots of food for thought for the internationally known preacher.

Hosea Colloquium: Wycliffe College

And for your weekend viewing pleasure.

Biblical Studies Online

On May 5, 2017, Wycliffe College (Toronto) hosted a colloquium on Hosea.

Mark S. Gignilliat, With Hosea at Penuel: The Interface of Ontology and Tropology

Raymond Van Leeuwen, Knowing Creation and Knowing God in Hosea

Eugen J. Pentiuc, The Book of Hosea from Iron Age to Digital Age

Donald Collett, The Book of the Twelve as Penitential History

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Call For Submissions- The June Biblical Studies Carnival

Hello all-

I realize this is a bit last minute (but I just found out myself) – but I’m hosting the June Bib Studs Carnival and I need a bit of aid to put together the finest entries from the month of May (the very merry month of May).

If you’ve read a fine post in May I’d be grateful if you’d send mention of it.  In return, send the name of any person you wish an imprecatory prayer uttered for and I will be very happy indeed to oblige.  Very, VERY happy indeed.

Thanks for your help.

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Comparisons between Brexit and an emboldened (far) Right in America and parts of Europe are regularly made but, inevitably, overlook the complexities. That Brexit has involved disillusionment with mainstream politics is clear but it is disillusionment that has come from Left to Right. Nevertheless, Brexit has been claimed as a victory of the contemporary Right and appropriated accordingly. Indeed, just after the Brexit result, Trump said that Britain ‘took back their country’ and ‘that’s a great thing’. In English political discourse, and in the run up to the 2017 General Election, Brexit has become increasingly attached to Trump ally, Theresa May, and the ruling Conservative Party.

The whole is very much worth your time.