Shifting Patterns of Reformed Tradition

978-3-525-55065-6The thirteen essays in this volume were all originally presented at international conferences or in public lectures.They address three main areas of inquiry, all of which, in one way or another, are of key importance in early modern historical discourse and theological thinking: (1) the theological diversity and debates within the Reformed tradition in the sixteenth century and beyond; (2) Peter Martyr Vermigli’s noteworthy contribution to Reformed ecclesiology and biblical exegesis; and (3) the later development and enrichment of Reformed thought on both sides of the Atlantic. They show that the Reformed tradition was neither monolithic, nor monochrome, nor immutable, but evolved in different, if interrelated, patterns and directions.

I’ve reviewed the essays in this collection from the extraordinarily learned Emidio Campi and can honestly say that they are exceptionally interesting.  My review will appear in Zwingliana soon.  Look for it there.