To the Trump Supporters Who Bellow ‘Shut Up’

Anytime I post a bit of Trump mockery or displeasure one or more of his adoring little birdletts sends along a complaint that always includes the phrase ‘shut up, he won’.

To this I reply, ‘no’.  I realize you Trumpians think the only Amendment that matters is the Second and that the Tyrant and his servants can shout down all disagreement but you’re wrong.

You bullies didn’t shut up about Obama, who was thousands of times more competent than your Orange Caligula, and we won’t be silent while that buffoon of yours attempts to destroy our Democracy by selling out to the Russians. 

So expect Trump to be called out and justifiably mocked every time he spews some ignorance from his Orange bile pit.  Get used to it, tiny snowflakes, because it’s happening.

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