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Now In America Saying ‘I’ll Pray For You’ Can Get You In Hot Water

This is unbelievable: A Baptist mother of two has filed religious discrimination and retaliation charges against a school system that threatened to fire her for privately telling a coworker she’d pray for him. Attorneys for Toni Richardson, an educational technician … Continue reading

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How To Write a Review of A Ridiculous Book

@sentantiq – This is classical scholarship at its most delightful: #Bentley on #Barnes It’s also how to write a review of a nonsense book.

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The Bee Stings Trump’s Saudi Weapons Sale

Amid concerns that the $110 billion arms deal signed by President Donald Trump would allow Saudi Arabia greater access to weapons the nation might use to fund and supply terrorists abroad, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud offered Trump a … Continue reading

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New Acquisitions At the Kessler Collection

A commentary by Zwingli on Isaiah and Jeremiah: A Zwingli tract: Luther’s ‘On the Freedom of the Christian’:

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Fun Facts From Church History

In the early editions of the Loci, Melanchthon didn’t discuss the doctrine of the Trinity because he had a certain bit of scorn for attempts to explain the mystery of the divine unity in trinity. He accepted the doctrine and … Continue reading

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Dear Young Theologians…

Pride and hubris are inappropriate for your field of endeavor.  Grandiose claims about this or that thinker or system aren’t your proper attire because familiarity only comes with time and hard work.  You aren’t a Barthian simply because you’ve read … Continue reading

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To the Trump Supporters Who Bellow ‘Shut Up’

Anytime I post a bit of Trump mockery or displeasure one or more of his adoring little birdletts sends along a complaint that always includes the phrase ‘shut up, he won’. To this I reply, ‘no’.  I realize you Trumpians … Continue reading

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