If You Attend the 16th Century Society Conference…

Come along and hear my paper titled Huldrych Zwingli: His Path to Reformation

Martin Luther is generally seen to be the ‘inventor’ of the Reformation. In this paper I will suggest that Zwingli actually turned, slowly at first and then more rapidly, to Reform beginning in 1515, before anyone had heard the name of Luther. Evidence will be presented from Zwingli’s own writings and from secondary literature to make the case that Zwingli was not dependent on Luther but rather well on his way to being the first Reformer of Switzerland before Luther awakened to the Gospel.

It’s only 20 minutes of your life.  You spend more time than that picking lice off of your nephew’s school sweater.  And no, there will be no powerpoint or other electric distractions.  Just pure unadulterated joyful me.