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Politicians Supporting Trump Are Already Being Voted Out

Of which I can only say, good. Last year, the mayor of a seen-better-days steel town in Western Pennsylvania became the poster child of President Donald Trump’s appeal to white working-class Democrats. But he’ll soon be out of work after … Continue reading

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The Arian Heresy Lives on, in the Church

Pro tip- you can’t teach the Trinity by using the spinner.  If you do, you’re an Arian.

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What Donald Trump Learned From the Pentebabbleist Paula White

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Upon Hearing that NT Wright Has a New Book Coming Out…

This album has dropped-

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Trumpian Hypocrisy

But now that it benefits the Trumps- Par for the Trump course and for the hypocrisy of his sycophants who have not raised an outcry against the hypocrite.

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Quote of the Day


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If You Attend the 16th Century Society Conference…

Come along and hear my paper titled Huldrych Zwingli: His Path to Reformation Martin Luther is generally seen to be the ‘inventor’ of the Reformation. In this paper I will suggest that Zwingli actually turned, slowly at first and then … Continue reading

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Reaping What’s Sown

A South African big game hunter died after being crushed by an elephant cow that had been shot on a game reserve in Zimbabwe at the weekend. Theunis Botha, 51, was leading a hunt with clients when the group accidentally … Continue reading

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Causing Offense

What clearly affects the divine truth, as the belief and commandments of God, no one shall yield, whether one is offended or not. — Huldrych Zwingli

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The Latest

A very fine journal.  It should be on your list of journals to read.

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Today With Zwingli: Die erste kurze Antwort über Ecks sieben Schlußreden

Huldrych Zwingli published his little 19 page Flugschrift Die erste kurze Antwort über Ecks sieben Schlußreden on 21 May, 1526.  Zwingli also addressed it to the Confederation (so that all the Cantons which had embraced Reform would know how Eck should … Continue reading

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NT Wright Has A New Book in the Pipeline!

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The Opening of the Baden Disputation

The disputation was opened in the Catholic city of Baden, in Aargau, May 21, 1526, and lasted eighteen days, till the 8th of June. The cantons and four bishops sent deputies, and many foreign divines were present. The Protestants were … Continue reading

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Moltmann: An Observation

Moltmann is what happens when ‘theologians’ don’t own a Bible.

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