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The ‘Prophezei’ in the Heart of Wittenberg

I love this story. Vom 20. Mai bis am 10. September 2017 präsentieren sich etwa 80 Aussteller aus Kirche, Politik, Kultur, Wirtschaft und Zivilgesellschaft mit einem unterhaltsamen Angebot in den Wallanlagen der mittelalterlichen Stadt Wittenberg. Der Schweizer Pavillon, angesiedelt im … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings Cultural Relativism

An oldie but a goodie- Sources from within the United States confirmed Tuesday that American society, while typically rejecting concepts like absolute truth and objective moral standards, is suddenly showing grave concern for the rise of fabricated news stories after … Continue reading

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Submissions for the Wevers Prize

Karen Jobes writes Submissions for the 2017 John William Wevers Prize in Septuagint Studies are being accepted until AUGUST 15, 2017. This prize is limited to advanced graduate students or recent Ph.D. recipients (4 years or less after receiving the … Continue reading

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Good Tidings

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The Creation of Eve

Speculum humanae salvationis (‘Krumlovský sborník’), Bohemia ca. 1420 (Praha, Knihovna Národního muzea, III B 10, fol. 2r)

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There is No Defense Against the Slanderer

The saying is certainly true that there is no defense against the attacks of slanderers. Nothing can be said so carefully that it can avoid misrepresentation. — Melanchthon

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