If You Don’t Believe in Total Depravity, You’re Just Blind

A couple were arrested after their 15-day-old baby was found in a blood-soaked crib covered in injuries.

Erica Shyrock, 19, and boyfriend, Charles Elliott, 19, were detained on charges of child endangerment and taken into police custody in Magnolia on Sunday.

Bloody rat footprints were visible in the crib and the infant had almost 100 bites and injuries, which a doctor claims would have taken hours to occur.

An emergency room nurse said the baby girl weighed just 5lbs and a medical examination revealed she had suffered between 75 and 100 bites.

Shyrocka and Elliot have been together since 2015. The mum-of-two claims she put her newborn to bed at around 5.30am.

She claims they were awoken by screams two hours later. She does admit she found her baby girl covered in blood and Elliot, who was interviewed by police separately, told officers he saw bloody rat prints in the crib.

She and her boyfriend simply didn’t care.  Or were so high they didn’t know.  Either way they are supreme examples of total depravity.