‘I Don’t Go To Church Because There are Too Many Hypocrites There’: How to Debunk A Common Myth

Whenever someone (some poor soul who doesn’t know what they have gotten themselves into) tells me that they don’t attend church, or that they’ve dropped out of church because, in their words, ‘there are too many hypocrites in the church’ I point out, in my gentle way, that the real hypocrites are those who have nothing to do with the Church because they have nothing to do with God.  The REAL hypocrites are those who pretend that they can get through life without God and who ACT like they can manage their own lives and destinies without so much as a glance towards the Divine.

If non-attenders and non-worshipers really want to find a hypocrite, they need simply find a mirror and look in it.  Because it isn’t people who know they need God and who do their best to live for him, even if they fail to do so: it’s the people who delusionally believe God is irrelevant who are the true hypocrites.


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