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Quote of the Day

It is never well with men, except so far as the Lord shows Himself to be gracious to them. – John Calvin

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An Open Letter to Rev. Franklin Graham from a “Small Church” Pastor

Originally posted on Peter's Outer Cape Portico:
Dear Frank Can I call you Frank? This is just pastor to pastor. Feel free to call me Peter. Anyway, I have to say I was flattered when I learned that your…

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Reading Revelation as Pastiche

This new book’s author says it’s good. Scholars have often read the book of Revelation in way that attempts to ascertain which other Old Testament book it most resembles. Instead, we should read it as a combined and imitative text … Continue reading

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The Bee Mocks the Egalitarians

First United Methodist in Covington is an egalitarian church which prides itself on treating men and women the same. You go, church! But the congregation ran into a major snafu at a recent potluck: no one brought any sandwiches to the … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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If You Don’t Believe in Total Depravity, You’re Just Blind

A couple were arrested after their 15-day-old baby was found in a blood-soaked crib covered in injuries. Erica Shyrock, 19, and boyfriend, Charles Elliott, 19, were detained on charges of child endangerment and taken into police custody in Magnolia on … Continue reading

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A Lexicon That Could be Quite Useful. IF it Isn’t Tied to Strong’s Concordance

Logos is producing a new lexicon: Most of the time you look up a Hebrew word you probably don’t want the extreme depth and complication afforded by the top lexicons. Neither do you want to wade through a tight paragraph … Continue reading

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Even Bullinger is Getting Some Love in Zurich This Year

Go on this tour! Alle Augen richten sich bei den Reformationsfeiern auf Luther und Zwingli. In dieser Führung steht hingegen Heinrich Bullinger, der „Vater des reformierten Protestantismus”, im Scheinwerferlicht. Wir folgen den Spuren dieser faszinierenden Persönlichkeit in der Zürcher Innenstadt. … Continue reading

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The Importance of Latin

«Man hat gemeint, man wird attraktiv, wenn man das Latein abschafft, aber man hat keine neue sakrale Sprache gefunden, sondern ein totes Deutsch. Wen störte das früher, dass man Latein nicht verstand? Das war eine heilige Sprache, ein sakraler Vorgang, … Continue reading

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‘I Don’t Go To Church Because There are Too Many Hypocrites There’: How to Debunk A Common Myth

Whenever someone (some poor soul who doesn’t know what they have gotten themselves into) tells me that they don’t attend church, or that they’ve dropped out of church because, in their words, ‘there are too many hypocrites in the church’ … Continue reading

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