Baylor University’s Culture of Gang Rape

NPR reports

A new federal lawsuit against Baylor University accuses football players of drugging and gang-raping young women as part of a hazing or bonding ritual — and the university of failing to investigate the pervasive sexual assault.

The players often took photographs and videos as they carried out the gang rapes, the suit alleges. It was filed by “Jane Doe,” who says she was raped by four to eight Baylor players in February 2012. Her Title IX suit says the school’s “deliberately indifferent response” effectively denied her educational opportunities.

The suit also describes dogfighting at football parties and burglaries carried out by football players, without consequence.

The alleged assaults and other criminal activities took place during former head football coach Art Briles’ tenure at the school in Waco, Texas.

Etc.  Quite a program they have going there.  Sic ’em bears takes on a whole new meaning…

2 thoughts on “Baylor University’s Culture of Gang Rape

  1. Will S.

    Maybe, but the Duke lacrosse accusations turned out to be lies.

    Because of that (I don’t care about sports; I don’t watch them), I’ll reserve judgment until after the case is heard.


    1. Jim Post author

      i’d agree if i could. but, first, the duke story wasn’t credible from the beginning. second, there have been numerous verified cases at baylor of just this thing. there’s a history of sexual abuse there.


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