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It’s Impossible to Imagine the GOP Sinking Any Lower… And Then It Does

‪As though we didn’t have sufficient reason to loathe the #gop already, they make themselves more loathesome- http://wapo.st/2pyHtAH

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Religious Change and Print, 1450-1700

In Religious Change and Print, 1450-1700 (opening September 14), visitors will see the Reformation through the eyes of the people who experienced the transformations it spread across Europe and the Americas: preachers and teachers, travelers and traders, writers and printers. … Continue reading

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Salvation by Allegiance Alone

We are saved by faith when we trust that Jesus died for our sins. This is the gospel, or so we are taught. But what is faith? And does this accurately summarize the gospel? Because faith is frequently misunderstood and … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

I have ‘friends’ like this…

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The Bee Stings the Silly Universalists

According to sources, local Universalist Paula Wilson is searching for a physician who shares her belief that all treatments will eventually lead to the same cure. Wilson, who was recently diagnosed with pneumonia, told sources it is very important that … Continue reading

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Two Volumes for the Historically Minded

From Hus to Luther : Visual Culture in the Bohemian Reformation (1380-1620) and Reformations and their Impact on the Culture of Memoria Take a look.

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If You’re White, and a Girl, and Talented… Stab Away… It’s OK

Geesh.  Justice?  Nope, justice is well and truly dead. A top University of Oxford student who stabbed her boyfriend could be spared jail because of her intelligence and the possibility it would damage her career.   Aspiring heart surgeon Lavinia Woodward, … Continue reading

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Everyone in Trump’s Administration is as Morally Bankrupt as He is

What kind of father does something like this? Michael Cohen, President Trump’s high profile personal attorney, posted a black-and-white photograph of his daughter Samantha Blake Cohen wearing only black stockings and a lacy bra to his 218,000 Twitter followers Sunday evening. … Continue reading

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This is one documentary on Netflix you must not miss.

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Johannes Hus, In German

This new publication will be of interest to people who wish to understand the Pre-Reformation era of European Church History. On 6 July 1415, in Constance, Jan Hus was burnt at the stake for heresy. 600 years after this event, this … Continue reading

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Open Day

Come visit!

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The Battle Of Frankenhausen Raged…

On May 16, 1525 (having commenced the day before): it was the low water mark of the wretched Peasants Revolt.  As Schaff describes things: The peasants, badly armed, poorly led, and divided among themselves, were utterly defeated by the troops … Continue reading

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Theologians: An Observation

I’m getting the impression more and more each day that many theologians no longer bother to read the bible at all.  It’s as though they are so unfamiliar with the foundation-text of their work that they can’t find their way … Continue reading

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