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Quote of the Day

“Some of these [athletics] programs might just as naturally be attached to meat-packing plants as to universities.” Cornelius Plantinga

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It’s A Shame This Isn’t Real…

Because it should be. Popular Reformed blogger James K. Earle published a scathing critique of the book of Psalms Monday, slamming the collection of ancient, inspired songs for their emotional nature and tendency to repeat refrains, “often more than once.” … Continue reading

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The Magdala Stone Goes on Display

Described as one of the most significant archaeological finds in modern Israel, the Magdala Stone, unearthed in 2009 near the shores of the Sea of Galilee, has been unveiled to the public for first time as part of a joint … Continue reading

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You Don’t Get Gold Stars For this Course…

You get something even better!  Luther badges!!!!  Hooray! You wish you had these treasures!  (You should take the course- it’s genuinely informative).

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Family’s Piety Lasts 12 Seconds After Leaving Church Parking Lot…

Yup.  Pretty much. The Granger family’s piety lasted for just 12 seconds after leaving the parking lot of 1st North Baptist Church Sunday, sources reported. Having enjoyed a sermon on 1 Peter 1:14-16 titled “Holiness In Our Lives” and having engaged in … Continue reading

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Ministry Summarized

What people want from parsons – hospital hand holding – funeralizing – weddings (for$25) – sermons (to be ignored)(attended irregularly) That’s it.  Discipleship- real authentic self sacrificing discipleship is an utterly foreign concept to most Western Christians. And if they … Continue reading

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Every Single Day #PlowingTheSea

Thanks, MJ, for the picture-

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Zwingli for Zurich

«Huldrych Zwingli soll die Kirche wieder zu den Menschen bringen» Die evangelisch-reformierte Kirche des Kantons Zürich hat offiziell die Feierlichkeiten für das 500-Jahr-Jubiläum der Reformation eingeläutet. Schirmherr der Festivitäten ist Kirchenratspräsident Michel Müller. Der 53-jährige sieht das Jubiläum auch als … Continue reading

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Calvin on the Schismatics and their Insulting Words About Zwingli and Oecolampadius

Melanchthon showed Calvin an anti-Zwingli anti-Oecolampadius pamphlet written by a schismatic and Calvin remarked What good purpose could it serve to assault the Zwinglians every third line, and to attack Zwingli himself in such an unmannerly style?   And not … Continue reading

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