Donald Trump is a Racketeer

14 May

A Dutch TV documentary alleges that President Trump has large scale connections to Russia and it’s ruling oligarchs, as well as a extensive history of racketeering illegally.

The documentary spans 45 minutes and was produced by Zembla TV. It looked farther into Trump’s alleged relationship with the Russian mobster Felix Sater. Apparently Trump took lengthy measures to hide from regulators.

The documentary also takes a look at Trump’s arrangements with rich Russians that will apparently allow the Russians to move their money to places outside of their own country. It details farther the elaborate financial networks that these families have in place, which they use as a “pyramid scheme for money laundering,” according to Rosenfeld.

Zembla has also released a part two in the series, titled “The King of Diamonds” which takes an in depth look at the relationship that Trump may have with Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev, who has been suspected in the past of being involved in the trading of blood diamonds.

This ‘President’ belongs in prison.

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