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Yeah, Martin, I Know Where You’re Coming From…

I would like to arrange matters in such a way that I do not have to return to Wittenberg. My heart has become cold, so that I do not like to be there any longer. I wish you would sell … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Pay Your Mom Sufficient Attention, She Gets Cranky…

“[Hikane] to Isidoros [her son, greetings. First of all] I thought it necessary, since the packet boat was putting out to sea, to write . . . me. I am in Berenike. I wrote you a letter [?but did not … Continue reading

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Donald Trump is a Racketeer

A Dutch TV documentary alleges that President Trump has large scale connections to Russia and it’s ruling oligarchs, as well as a extensive history of racketeering illegally. The documentary spans 45 minutes and was produced by Zembla TV. It looked … Continue reading

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Liberty University Has Much to be Ashamed Of- But This Is the Most Shameful Thing

This weekend   Trump was introduced at Liberty University as the ‘Man Who Bombs the Middle East’- and the crowd applauded wildly. The Spirit of Jesus is absent from such people. Christian University? Not by any evidence.

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Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

Ohio! Police in suburban Cleveland say a half-naked man intentionally crashed his car into a closed convenience store to get beer, injuring himself and a store employee.  Rocky River police say the 45-year-old driver was wearing nothing from the waist … Continue reading

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Moms All…

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Quote of the Day

The fact so many Trumpers have to say “He’s better than Hillary” is a huge admission of how much they’ve lowered their standards. — Jonah Goldberg

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Ben Sira’s Advice on Friendship

Some smart stuff from ben Sira- 6:7-10 If thou wouldst get a friend, try him before thou takest him, and do not credit him easily. For there is a friend for his own occasion, and he will not abide in … Continue reading

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Karl Barth Couldn’t Do It But Emil Brunner Did- Brilliantly

‘It’ is complete a systematic theology. Barth couldn’t manage it (probably because he spent too much time at the Bergli and its ‘distractions’) but Brunner can, could, and did. It was on the 14th of May, 1960 that Emil Brunner … Continue reading

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