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I Thought I Smelled The Stench of Sulphur

Oh, and if you ‘like’ Rob Bell I’m going to go ahead and defriend you.  Immediately.  And irretrievably.  Light can have no fellowship with darkness.

Quote of the Day

To the godly the scripture is nothing dark at all, and the Lord’s will is altogether to have us understand it: thus, the scriptures ought always to be expounded. – Heinrich Bullinger

The Latest Issue of Relegere…

Which also includes a review by yours truly.  Just keep scrolling to the bottom.

St Mellitus Has Commissioned a Portrait of Chris Tilling

Because of his very substantive contributions to biblical studies in general and Pauline studies in particular.  And I think the portrait, which now adorns the entrance Hall, catches the true spirit of the man.  Congrats, Chris!  No one deserves this more…. (except maybe Joel Watts but he hasn’t really done anything yet).

Signs of the Times

If you substitute the first day of class and the last day with ‘Christmas’ and ‘Easter’ the Church looks the same way…

Texts, Practices, and Groups. Multidisciplinary approaches to the history of Jesus’ followers in the first two centuries

Proceedings of the First Meeting of Bertinoro on Early Christianity (1-4 October, 2014). Within the contemporary renewal of the exegetical and historical research on Jesus and early Christianity, this book focuses on a wider knowledge of the social and cultural context of the first two centuries, thanks to a systematic research of documentary materials and archaeological data (epigraphs and documentary papyri). Secondly, the book faces the increasingly perceived need to use all the existing literary material for the reconstruction of the historical Jesus and the first groups of his followers. Thirdly, the book stresses the importance of giving space to new epistemological and methodological perspectives in the field of human sciences. The last section of the volume is dedicated to the connection of contemporary research with the interpretations of Jesus and early Christianity developed in the modern age.

With thanks to Mauro Pesce for the heads up.