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The Edinburgh Dogmatics Conference – Reformation Theology: Maintenance or Revision?

Rutherford House, in association with the World Reformed Fellowship Theological Commission, will be hosting the 17th Edinburgh Dogmatics Conference – Reformation Theology: Maintenance or Revision? EDC17 will take place in Palmerston Place Church, from 29 – 31 August 2017.  Dr John … Continue reading

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Depraved Reprobates, Your Sex Club is Not a Church

Regardless of what some Emergent or Seeker Sensitive pagan has told you. Two Metro Nashville codes inspectors paid $40 apiece to enter The Social Club in Madison on the night of March 25. They were responding to the club’s website, which … Continue reading

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Furtick is Southern Baptist The Way Trump is Presbyterian

The Southern Baptist Convention has deployed a crew of theology referees to Elevation Church, instructing the trained officials to monitor sermons preached by Pastor Steven Furtick, and warn him and the congregation when his messages fall out of the bounds … Continue reading

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On Mother’s Day: My Ambivalence

People love Mother’s Day.  And I don’t mind it.  But it does make me a bit pensive about the women who have either chosen not to be mothers or who can’t be. And it also makes me pensive concerning those … Continue reading

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George Will is Right About Trump

The man doesn’t know what it means to know.  It is urgent for Americans to think and speak clearly about Donald Trump’s inability to do either. This seems to be not a mere disinclination but a disability. It is not … Continue reading

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T. Römer, “Khirbet Qeiyafa – Some Thoughts of a Biblical Scholar. Response to Yosef Garfinkel and Aren Maeir”

I love this guy. The article challenges the identification of Khirbet Qeiyafa with Shaaraim, mentioned only three times (or even less) in the Hebrew Bible. It also questions Garfinkel’s idea that the place should be related directly to King David. … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings The Senseless Buzzword Craze

Staff at Liferevival Collective were reportedly “totally stoked” to learn dozens of new buzzwords at the church’s vision meeting Thursday, inside sources reported. The church reportedly gathers every six months to vision-cast key terms together, just as the previous crop of … Continue reading

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The State of the Union

America has the president it deserves- a godless self serving money worshipper.‬

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No, You Don’t Know Everything

From Luther’s meal chats- Master Philip examined a student in Anthony Lauterbach’s home. He was a schoolmaster in Stargard, and when he answered thoughtlessly Philip said, “Do not answer so abruptly and burst out so heedlessly, for there are more … Continue reading

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A New Documentary on the ‘Babel Stele’

Via– From the website of the Smithsonian Channel: SECRETS: SEASON 4: EPISODE 1 TOWER OF BABEL Inside the legendary city of Babylon in modern-day Iraq lie the remains of a vast structure, which ancient records suggest was the Tower of … Continue reading

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#Bam: Calvin on Predestination

Worth citing fully from the Institutes: The predestination by which God adopts some to the hope of life, and adjudges others to eternal death, no man who would be thought pious ventures simply to deny; but it is greatly caviled … Continue reading

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If You Aren’t Jesus, Trying to Walk on Water May Turn out Badly

Indeed, you may be eaten. Crazy pentebabbleists.

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