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What’s The First Word That Comes to Mind When You Think of Trump?

via Idiot… that’s the word that springs immediately to mind.

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Summer Plans?

Here’s something you might enjoy:

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Signs of the Times

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Adopting Steve Harvey’s Rules as My Own

From henceforth:

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Christoph Heilig on Hidden Transcripts and the Counter-Imperial Paul

Read Mike Bird’s take.

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A Word of Encouragement from the World’s Best Vicar

I hope this encourages your heart as much as it does mine-

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Katie Luther- The Mother of All Lutherans

“I will cling to my Lord Christ as a burr on a coat.”—Last reported words of Katie Luther in 1552. Read the essay on the CHI site for this week’s RefoThursday.

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Zwingli’s Road to Reformer

«Humanismus und Schlachtfelder: Zwinglis Entwicklung zum Reformator.» Uoli Zwingli war schon als noch nicht Fünfjähriger seinen Eltern als offenbar hochbegabtes Kind aufgefallen. Sie schickten ihn zum Onkel nach Weesen in die Schule, denn der war dort Pfarrer. Da blieb Zwingli … Continue reading

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More on the Wesley’s Childhood and the Philosophy of their Mother

Susanna Wesley, wife of a pastor and mother of 19 children, has gone down in Christian history as the ideal mother. In spite of poverty, sickness, disappointment, she managed her household well. She early drew up for herself some rules … Continue reading

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How The Wesley Kids Were Raised…

No wonder they turned out the way they did… they were terrorized! John and Charles Wesley, were reared by a God-fearing mother (of seventeen) who laid down some excellent principles for child training. They appear in John Wesley’s Journal: “When … Continue reading

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Apologetics: The False Path

Barth was right about apologetics as theological enterprise when he described it thusly: The sacrificium intellectus as the last despairing, audacious act of self-confidence, in which man thinks he can decide upon his very knowledge of God, has always turned … Continue reading

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The Death of Universalism

When the time comes when no behaviour is objectionable, universalism will cease to exist because it only exists to defend bad behavior.‬

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