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Comma Lives Matter

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Biblia Germanica- 25% Off

I don’t know for how long.  With thanks to Hendrickson for tweeting it.

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Fun Facts From Church History: The Church Which Hosted Zwingli in Glarus…

… Was burnt in the conflagration which well-nigh destroyed the town on Friday, May 10, 1861, and upon its site is a building containing the Law Courts, the Public Library, and a small museum. Bet ya didn’t know that, did … Continue reading

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The Official White House Photo of Trump’s Meeting With the Russians

Here’s Trump with Lavrov, Bannon, Kueshner, and Pence (Trump is in the center).

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A Facebook Page for You To Like

Right here!

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More on The Bible and its Readers: Of Christians…

A LifeWay Research Study found that while the majority of churchgoers desire to honor Christ and even profess to meditate on biblical truths, few actually engage in personal Bible reading and the study of Scriptures. Forty percent of those surveyed … Continue reading

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The Path of Christianity

John Anthony McGuckin, one of the world’s leading scholars of ancient Christianity, has synthesized a lifetime of work to produce the most comprehensive and accessible history of the Christian movement during its first thousand years. The Path of Christianity takes … Continue reading

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From 3 years ago…

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On The Anniversary of The German Book-Burning of 10 May, 1933

It may be important- nay- it is important to learn that Doch anders als viele Menschen denken, wurden sie nicht von der NSDAP oder einem Ministerium organisiert, sondern von der Deutschen Studentenschaft, die sich, so vermuten Wissenschaftler, damit den Nationalsozialisten … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli: The Zurich Marriage Ordinance of 1525

Another important piece of internal regulation, viz., relative to marriage and divorce, inspired and formulated by Zwingli, was passed by the Councils on May 10, 1525. Briefly, marriages were usually to be public, in churches, and with the consent of … Continue reading

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Dear Academia.Edu People

No, I won’t send you a copy of my book.  Buy it, you cheapskates.

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Happy Birthday Barth!

You lecherous old depraved reprobate.

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