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Finally, Something Good From the Jesus Blog

We’ve all been waiting a long time for something good to come from Nazareth!  And it finally has.

We at the Jesus Blog heard that your week was moving a little sluggishly and thought a free gift might make you feel better.  To that end, we pass along the fantastic news that Anders Runesson’s groundbreaking The Origins of the Synagogue: A Socio-Historical Study is available for FREE on his academia.edu site here.

You Know Who Lives off the Sweat of the Taxpayers? Not the Poor, The Politicians

Most of You Anti-Abortionists Aren’t Pro Life, You’re Just Pro Birth

If you were really pro life you would care about protecting people from the cradle to the grave, not just from the womb to the cradle.  What most of you lack (and I am anti-abortion myself) is a consistent ethic.  You think that if you care about a child from conception to birth then your work is over.  But that’s not but a fraction of the story.  If you really cared about people like you say you do you would want them to have health care, good schools, good food, good families, and good environments.  You would be active in movements engaged in attempts to make the world a better place for everyone.

But the fact is, and just go ahead and admit it, you don’t really care about any of that.  You just pretend to care about the lives of the unborn so that you can assume a posture of moral superiority.

Admit it.  Just be honest for once.  And then, please, just sit down and shut up and get out of the way of those of us who really do care about life- from conception to burial.

Summer Greek at Newman 2017

You should go. It will prepare you for 25 September.

Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception

First Steps into the World of New Testament Greek

19th, 20th, 26th, 27th & 28th June 2017

Newman University

Would you like to hear and read the New Testament in the language in which it was originally written? Have you ever thought of learning New Testament Greek but were afraid that you were just not clever enough? Would you like to spend five days this summer having fun with a group of like-minded people as they begin to discover an old language that shaped the world?

This year we are running our introduction to New Testament Greek summer course over two weeks. It is a fun and informal 5 day course that introduces you to Koine Greek (the type of Greek used by the writers of the New Testament). It assumes absolutely no prior knowledge of the language and will begin with the alphabet. We will work as close as…

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Did You Know That Many Grad Students Write Articles and Books…

And their Prof’s or supervisors put their own names on the product?  It’s a sad, badly kept secret of higher ed.  The next time you grab a book and praise your favorite superstar academic to the skies, chances are pretty good that some of the work, or maybe even most of it, was written by an unnamed lowly student.

If students passed in work by someone else, it’s called plagiarism.  Guess what…