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Jan Hus Was Right in 1504 and Nothing Has Really Changed

Seht, liebe brüder, die ignoranz der priester ist schuld daran, dass die kirche trauert und in ihren kindern zugrunde geht, die verlorengehen, da der teufel, der feind, stark geworden ist, gewiss wegen der sünden ihrer propheten und ihrer priester . … Continue reading

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How Christians Are to Act When Tyrants (Like Trump) Arise

Choose death rather than to deny the truth, to commit any heinous crime, or to be compelled to consent to a wicked and horrible sin. If you choose to die rather than to do a filthy deed, the tyrant shall not … Continue reading

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Finally, Something Good From the Jesus Blog

We’ve all been waiting a long time for something good to come from Nazareth!  And it finally has. We at the Jesus Blog heard that your week was moving a little sluggishly and thought a free gift might make you … Continue reading

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You Know Who Lives off the Sweat of the Taxpayers? Not the Poor, The Politicians

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Most of You Anti-Abortionists Aren’t Pro Life, You’re Just Pro Birth

If you were really pro life you would care about protecting people from the cradle to the grave, not just from the womb to the cradle.  What most of you lack (and I am anti-abortion myself) is a consistent ethic. … Continue reading

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Summer Greek at Newman 2017

Originally posted on Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception:
First Steps into the World of New Testament Greek 19th, 20th, 26th, 27th & 28th June 2017 Newman University Would you like to hear and read the New…

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Did You Know That Many Grad Students Write Articles and Books…

And their Prof’s or supervisors put their own names on the product?  It’s a sad, badly kept secret of higher ed.  The next time you grab a book and praise your favorite superstar academic to the skies, chances are pretty … Continue reading

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Erasmus Was Disgruntled When Basel Removed the Idols

On May 9, 1529 Erasmus wrote a friend: “The smiths and workmen removed the pictures from the churches, and heaped such insults on the images of the saints and the crucifix itself, that it is quite surprising there was no … Continue reading

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