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This Pope is No Historian

Nope.  Not even close to being one.  So I agree- Now Francis, we know, is not the professorial pope that Benedict has been. Neither is he an historian by training or even by avocation; his focus in school as a young … Continue reading

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More Hus

Das aber ist Unkenntnis, das ist Hochmut, das ist der Anfang jeder Sünde, wenn du in deinen Augen größer bist als vor Gott und in Wahrheit. Wer also zuerst diese große Sünde beging – ich spreche vom Teufel –, von … Continue reading

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The Prayer Hus Asked His Congregation to Pray As He Began To Preach

Helft mir durch eure Gebete, dass ich das Nötige auch immer mutig sagen und das, was ich sage, zum Nutzen mit Tatkraft erfüllen kann.  Darum wollen wir einmütig den allmächtigen Herrn bitten, dass er meinen Mund und alle Herzen fruchtbringend … Continue reading

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The ISIS Flag has been Added to the Coexist Sticker

It’s about time. The Islamic State’s official flag has been added to the newest batch of the popular “Coexist” bumper stickers, and will be included in all future iterations of the famous graphic, sources confirmed Monday. The new logo depicts … Continue reading

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Luther and Wittenberg, Part the Third

The Christian History Institute has published a 3 part essay on Luther and Wittenberg; the final installment appearing today. (We have been publishing this essay by Dr. West  over the last few weeks as part of our celebration of the … Continue reading

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Congratulations Carly Crouch

Congrats to Carly Crouch– winner of the 2017 “The David Noel Freedman Award for Excellence and Creativity in Hebrew Bible Scholarship”.  Very well deserved, as Jonathan Stökl will agree!

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Zwingli For Kids

Go read this.  Seriously.  Go.

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The Earliest Known Draft of the King James Bible

Cambridge University Library has a gem of a post. It is rare that archival research makes the national news.  Jeffrey Alan Miller’s identification of a draft of a portion of the King James Bible hit the headlines in October 2015: … Continue reading

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A Swift-ian Take on Climate Change

Change, being a necessary part of life in time, is being lamented in certain quarters because of an irrational fear of difference.  But I would deign to point out that there are good reasons indeed to cherish change and to … Continue reading

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Sad News: Carsten Nicolaisen Has Died

Die Verlagsgruppe Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht | Böhlau trauert um Prof. h.c. Dr. Carsten Nicolaisen, der am 12. April 2017 im Alter von 83 Jahren verstorben ist. Der Verlag verliert einen prägenden Wissenschaftler der Kirchlichen Zeitgeschichtsforschung. Nach der Promotion wechselte Carsten … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History: The Anniversary of the Edict of Worms

It was the 8th of May, 1521, that the imperial denunciation of Luther was promulgated. The Edict of Worms was a decree issued by The Holy Roman Emperor Charles V banning the writings of Martin Luther and labeling him a … Continue reading

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May 8, 1521- The Cursing of Luther

Schaff writes After Luther’s departure [from the Diet at Worms](April 26), his enemies had full possession of the ground. Frederick of Saxony wrote, May 4: “Martin’s cause is in a bad state: he will be persecuted; not only Annas and … Continue reading

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