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Don’t You Wish The Rules of Calvin’s Geneva Were Universally In Force?

SERMONS 1. Everyone in each house is to come on Sundays, unless it be necessary to leave someone behind to take care of children or animals, under penalty of 3 sous. 2. If there be preaching any weekday, arranged with … Continue reading

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Knowing When to Stop Praying

In Jeremiah 7 [:16] he said, “As for you, do not pray for this people, or lift up cry or prayer for them, and do not intercede with me, for I do not hear you.” My colleagues and I must … Continue reading

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Don’t Bother Luther With Your Silly Problems Late at Night

When the doctor had gone to bed a man came who had been sent by the widow of the pastor in Belgern to ask for a husband. He [Martin Luther] said, “Give [her a husband]? She’s over seven years of … Continue reading

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Dear ‘Evangelical’ Trump Voters: Why is Lying OK With You?

Why did you forsake your ethics to support a pathological liar, womanizer, and reprobate? Why? Just explain it to me. Any of you.

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The Best Goal

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Ripped Jeans and Fake Muddy Pants and the Foolish Rich People Who Buy Them

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An Essay by Otto Eckhart You’ll Want to Read (If You Haven’t Already)

Die Ursprünge der Bundestheologie im Alten Testament und im Alten Orient.

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Fun Facts From Church History: Zwingli’s ‘Zurich German’ Wasn’t Widely Understood

The dialect the good people of Zurich spoke was, and is, in many respects, quite unique (even now).  Luther had problems with it and so did The Landgrave of Marburg. Consequently, on May 7, 1529, [Zwingli wrote the Landgrave in the lead-up … Continue reading

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Luther on the Uselessness of the Church Fathers

One should draw from the source and diligently read the Bible. For a man who knows the text is also an extraordinary theologian. One passage or one text from the Bible is worth more than the glosses of four writers … Continue reading

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