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Calvin’s Earliest Letter

Calvin lost his father at an early age, as we learn from one of his letters. According however to Beza’s account, it happened when Calvin was about twenty-three years old, and was studying at Bourges, that is, three years later … Continue reading

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Let Me Help You

If you cant read that you cant read the Bible.  Someone who can is reading it for you. And you’re taking their word for it.‬  Let me help you learn.  

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Quote of the Day

“Regeneration is the creation and the conferral of a new, good and holy quality, bestowed or rather infused into us by God through his Holy Spirit. Therefore, this our regeneration is a quality and it is righteousness inherent in us.” … Continue reading

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Inaugurazione del ciclo di conferenze ‘Dialoghi sulla Riforma 1517-2017’

All the info is here and you can follow on a variety of social media.

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Believe it or Not, Some People Didn’t Like Calvin!

I know, weird, right? That Calvin made many enemies, and could not avoid making them, goes without saying. Like Dante, who thought nothing of putting his own friends among the damned in Inferno, when the requirements of justice demanded it, … Continue reading

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Every Pastor at 12:15 on Sunday Morning

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Über Luther und die Reformation – Im Gespräch mit Thomas Kaufmann

Ingeborg Lüdtke: Die Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland ist der Zusammenschluss von selbstständigen lutherischen, reformierten und unierten Landeskirchen. Ihnen gehören 14.800 rechtlich selbstständige Kirchengemeinden an.  Was würde Martin Luther heute dazu sagen? Ist die Reformation gescheitert? Thomas Kaufmann: Luther hat Kirche … Continue reading

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Zwingli in the Arts – #ICYMI

Daniel Lienhard- an artist in Zurich- has drawn these wondrous pieces of art.  The first four show that Luther and Zwingli had far more in common than usually discussed and the last two are just for fun: Use of these … Continue reading

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It’s Imperative…

That you obtain the only commentary endorsed by all three of the Magisterial Reformers, Zwingli, Calvin and Luther. The books can be obtained by the usual route.  Or, you can just buy the PDF’s from yours truly for a paltry $199 … Continue reading

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Reformation Course in Budapest

The Concept of the Long Reformation and the Literary History of Early Modern Hungary and Transylvania While the course will be hosted by the Institute of Literary Studies the lectures and seminars will be given by the research fellows of … Continue reading

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