On This Day in 1611

The King James Version of the Bible was published in Britain.  And no, the one you carry around with you that says KJV on the spine isn’t the same at all!  If your Bible doesn’t look like this, you don’t have a KJV 1611:

What you carry around with you is a revision of the KJV that was made in 1769- over 150 years afterwards.  The language was revised (as can be seen by simply comparing the spellings from the KJV on your shelf with the photo of the 23rd Psalm from the 1611 KJV) and font (the old Gothic font is no longer used because most people can’t read it).

The KJV has been transformed over the years, much of it’s language is now outdated, and many cannot use it because it is no longer comprehensible.

What matters isn’t the translation one reads: what matters is that one reads a reliable translation that they can understand (because there’s no use in reading the Bible if you can’t comprehend it).

If you need help in choosing a reliable translation, just ask.  I’m happy to make recommendations.

One thought on “On This Day in 1611

  1. irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert

    It is interesting that the KJV, the later revision of course, still holds the heart & mind of many Christians, both British & American. Note, like the Lord’s Prayer, Psalm 23, the Beatitudes, etc. In fact, the KJV is still a rather good literal translation. I read it for devotion and just reading often myself. Of course for study, I go to the original languages, both Hebrew and Greek, etc. And the several more literal translations in English, the RV, ASV (1901), NASB, etc.

    But the KJV still lives well! 😉


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