After Watching American Christianity for Over 40 Years…

I’ve come to some conclusions:

  • Most care more about the flesh than the Spirit.
  • Most don’t care if they live like Christians or not.
  • Most have very little interest in the Bible.
  • Most sequester their faith from their daily life.
  • Most care more about sports and money than they do about worship.

In sum, most are simply apathetic.  Small wonder that Christianity is on the wane in this country.

One thought on “After Watching American Christianity for Over 40 Years…

  1. Ken Leonard 4 May 2017 at 8:17 am

    1. That’s who we are. Unless the Spirit changes us, that’s the way it’s going to be.

    2. Well, you might think that, but that’s only because you’re focusing on the spiritual side, instead of thinking about it as a fleshly thing.

    3. Reading is hard.

    4. Too many preachers have dumbed-down the Gospel to the point that showing up now and then, pretending to pray and do devotions, is all it takes to be in good standing. Showing fruit is hard, but if preachers start questioning the faith of people who aren’t showing any, then they might not keep up with their offerings. How are we going to build a new coffee shop in the basement if we lose pew-fillers?

    5. Indeed.


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