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For Those With Ears to Hear

The word that came to Jeremiah from Yahweh, saying, ‘Stand at the gate of the Temple of Yahweh and there proclaim this message. Say, “Listen to the word of Yahweh, all you of Judah who come in by these gates … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Though God does not act in a bustling manner like men, or proceed with undue eagerness and haste, still he has in his power concealed methods of executing his judgments without moving a finger. — John Calvin

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Oh Pentebabbleists…

Pastor was assessing woman for demons just days before decapitation… Nope, not The Onion. Rachael Hilyard had asked a friend: Where could she get an exorcism? Her friend told her Pastor Terry Fox. A few days after Fox visited Hilyard’s … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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A MOOC on Martin Luther

Der MOOC „Die Reformation” soll medial attraktiv aufbereitetes Wissen zur Reformation als historisches Phänomen einem großen Publikum zugänglich machen. Die von Martin Luther ausgelöste Reformation gilt als epochales Ereignis, da sie nahezu alle Lebensbereiche betraf: Glaube, Ehe und Familie, Schule … Continue reading

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Jim Aitken’s Reading List for LXX Studies

Jim writes (on the LXX facebook page) Although our field is small, there are more books than ever published on the LXX, and in many different series and publishers. It may be helpful to have the occasional round-up, and so … Continue reading

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ISD has the EKK

The catalog is here.  It is, to put it plainly, a fantastic commentary series.

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Signs of the Times

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No Authentic Christian Can See This And Fail to Be Disgusted

This is blatant idolatry and no Christian who has any understanding of historic Christianity can or would support it in any respect. Those who call themselves Christians who do, or would, support this mentality are not, let me repeat, are … Continue reading

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A Stiff Necked People

And don’t miss this oldie but goodie:

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What Did Luther Do at the Wartburg?

He didn’t get a chance to surf the web, or watch cat videos.  So what did he do? From May 4, 1521, to March 1, 1522, Luther remained at the Wartburg. There is little of his love of nature in … Continue reading

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St Catherine’s Monastery Manuscripts Online, From the Library of Congress

This is one to add to the resource list! More than 1,600 ancient manuscripts from the renowned Eastern Orthodox Monastery of St. Catherine’s on Mt. Sinai have been made available online! The images, digitized from older microfilms, are of very … Continue reading

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The Durham Priory Library Digitized

Here’s a project worth mentioning: Durham possesses the finest collection of medieval manuscripts of any English cathedral. Durham University, in partnership with Durham Cathedral, is engaged in an ambitious project to digitise Durham Priory Library – the books owned and … Continue reading

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Jan Hus: Filmpräsentation mit Einführung

Mittwoch, 17. Mai 2017 im Filmmuseum Potsdam: Jan Hus. Filmpräsentation mit Einführung von PhDr. Jan Randák, Prag. Eine Veranstaltung im Rahmen der Ringvorlesung »Reformation in Brandenburg und im östlichen Europa«. Etc. Here. If you can go you should attend.

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How The Bible Became Holy

Via Konrad Schmid-  

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