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Benny Hinn- Tax Fraud… *Color me Shocked…*

A televangelist who claimed the gay community would suffer God’s punishment is suffering the wrath of the Internal Revenue Service: The Texas offices of Pastor Benny Hinn were raided by IRS investigators on Wednesday, though Hinn himself was not present. … Continue reading

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The Barthian Conference Is Hopping on the Lutheran Reformation Anniversary Bandwagon

2017 ANNUAL KARL BARTH CONFERENCE Luther, Barth, and Movements of Theological Renewal (1918-1933) 2017 Annual Karl Barth Conference Princeton Theological Seminary, June 18-21, 2017 And The years from 1900-1933 represent some of the most productive years in the history of … Continue reading

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Who Is, and Is Not, a Christian?

If you aren’t a disciple, you aren’t a Christian. Jesus commissions us to evangelize with the goal of disciple-making, not passive, uninvolved church member making. give Matthew 28:17ff a looksee.

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Jerome, When Accused of Being Too Harsh Towards Heretics, Replied

You are indignant with me because I have merely silenced Jovinian and not instructed him. You, do I say? Nay, rather, they who grieve to hear him anathematized, and who impeach their own pretended orthodoxy by eulogizing in another the … Continue reading

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May 2, 1507

That, if you aren’t sure, is the date upon which Luther celebrated his first Mass.  Of that occasion Luther remarked “When I was about to hold my first mass, my father sent twenty gulden for food and came with twenty … Continue reading

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Karl Barth: Marcionite

It’s as though for Barth, the Hebrew Bible doesn’t exist and Jeremiah, Isaiah, Hosea, and the rest know nothing of God and have nothing to say of God or humanity… Oh Karl- you do annoy sometimes. And your view, as … Continue reading

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Confirmation of the Hawarden Old Testament in the New Conference Dates

Via the undersigned- Dear collegaues, I can now confirm that the dates of Thursday 22nd March (evening ) until Saturday 24th March (just after lunch) have been firmly booked with the team at Hawarden for our 2018 OT in the … Continue reading

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That One Time When Pope Benedict Was Right

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Where Scripture isn’t, The Church Isn’t Either

The Romanists assail us in the present day, and terrify the unskilful with the name of Church, while they are the deadly adversaries of Christ. Therefore, although they exhibit a temple, a priesthood, and other similar masks, the empty glare … Continue reading

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A Fly on the Wall in Brunner’s Discussions With Barth

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Nothing like an atheist pope is there…

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On Luther’s Catechism

With English subtitles.  And with thanks to Karla Apperloo for the heads up. At skabe et luthersk samfund – betydningen af Luthers lille katekismus og de ti bud i Danmark efter reformationen from danmarkshistorien.dk on Vimeo.

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Zwingli and Work and Play

The May installment of Schattenwurf Zwingli is out. Ich arbeite, also bin ich. Dieser Satz ist in die DNA der Schweizer Seele seit Geburt eingeschrieben. Jeder Tag im Jahr ist ein Tag der Arbeit, und die Nacht noch dazu. Arbeit … Continue reading

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