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The Look on the Pope’s Face As He Turns Towards Trump…

Is utter disdain.  Watch.

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Shifting Patterns of Reformed Tradition

The thirteen essays in this volume were all originally presented at international conferences or in public lectures.They address three main areas of inquiry, all of which, in one way or another, are of key importance in early modern historical discourse … Continue reading

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‘Mein Zwingli’

Wie viel Zwingli steckt heute noch in unseren Köpfen? Das neue UZH Magazin beleuchtet anlässlich des 500-Jahre-Jubiläums die Reformation und ihre Folgen. UZH News hat zudem bei Studierenden nachgefragt, welches Bild von Zwingli sie heute haben. And more. And be … Continue reading

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Zahl on Luther

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Signs of the Times

Oh Carl, in fact, absence of evidence is evidence of nothing.  As I’ve said for many years.

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Signs of the Times

It’s hard for righteous people to endure the presence of sin-

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Hebräische Wortforschung: Festschrift zum 80. Geburtstag von W. Baumgartner

As of this morning no information is available about the volume except that it is to appear in 2017.  Keep your eyes open, it honors a remarkable scholar. (This is an ebook edition of the previously appearing – in the … Continue reading

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Reading Catechisms, Teaching Religion

This new work by Lee Palmer Wandel has just been published- Reading Catechisms, Teaching Religion makes two broad arguments. First, the sixteenth century witnessed a fundamental transformation in Christians’, Catholic and Evangelical, conceptualization of the nature of knowledge of Christianity … Continue reading

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News From EABS

Colleagues, The deadline for the European Association of Biblical Studies Student Prize has been extended until 25th May.  The prize is worth 300EUR, and details can be found here: There are two prizes, one of which is for research … Continue reading

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Luther Underfoot Loyola

Yay Loyola!  We’ve all been there, what with wanting to jump on Luther’s back and beat him down with the love of Jesus in our hearts like you had….

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Basel 1516: Erasmus’ Edition of the New Testament

Kaspar von Greyerz/Silvana Seidel Menchi/Martin Wallraff: Preface The Novum Instrumentum 1516 and its Philological Background Mark Vessey: Basel 1514: Erasmus’ Critical Turn – Erika Rummel: Biblical Humanism – August den Hollander: Late Medieval Vernacular Bible Production in the Low Countries … Continue reading

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The Church is Not in Crisis

The pretend church is.  And it should be.

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Jesus:  An Observation

‪The Jesus of the liberal left never existed. He is a product of their ideological imagination: a projection of their views into the past.‬

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Practical Guidance for Readers

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“Where is Jesus Now?”

A sermon by Gareth Jones, the Principal of Ming Hua Theological College.  Give it a listen.

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This Is Now Out in a Revised Second Edition

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#ICYMI – Doug Campbell’s Book is ‘altogether untenable at key points’

From the Tyndale Bulletin Review Article: The Deliverance of God: an Apocalyptic Rereading of Justification in Paul by Douglas A. Campbell, reviewed by Bruce Clark (Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge) Campbell launches a sustained attack against traditional theological conceptions of justification and … Continue reading

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Now That’s How You Write a Book Dedication

Calvin dedicated his Commentary on Hebrews to Sigismund Augustus on 23 May, 1546.  He begins thusly THERE are at this day many foolish men, who everywhere, through a vain desire for writing, engage the minds of ignorant and thoughtless readers … Continue reading

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Today in Church History

Savonarola met with the same fate as Hus. He, too, was unsparing in his attack on the corruptions of the Church. On May 23, 1498, he was put to the double death of hanging and burning, and his ashes were … Continue reading

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Amen, and Amen

Again, via Chris *The Wickedoer* Tilling-

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